Air Fern or Tea Light Holder

Air Fern or Tea Light Holder

Cute little wall hanging holders for your air ferns or tea light votives.

You can find many of the tools and supplies you'll need for this in our Amazon shop:

Tools& Materials
Clay, I am using laguna bmix5 without grog
2”x11” rectangle craft foam template
Stamps, rolling pins, lace or anything you want to use for texture
Ware board
Clay Knife, I am using the Dolan 220s,
Flexible ribs, I am using the Large Yellow and small Red Sherrill mud tool
Bowl or bucket of Water
Serrated rib
Clay Shaper
1/4'” flat Soft Bristle Brush
Kiln, your own or access to one

Glazes Used:
My Spearmint and Lake Blue glazes
Mayco Lavender Mist with Dark Flux

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Air Fern or Tea Light Holder