Rabbit Sculpture

Rabbit Sculpture

Rabbits are a great subject to start with when sculpting animals. This class will teach you basic sculpting techniques for making animal heads. We will discuss various animals to sculpt, how to make colored slip, and create fur texture. Along with glazing and firing we will discuss displaying your sculpture. Although this is a long class it is appropriate for all ages and skill levels.

Tools & Materials
Clay, about 2 lbs of a smooth red terra cotta (I am using laguna EM106)
Cutting wire
Rabbit ear template
Slab mat or ware board to work on
Serrated Rib
Rolling Pin
Wooden sculpting tool
¼” dowel
needle tool
¼” hole cutter
Rubber tipped tool (Color Shaper)
Kiln, your own or access to one
White Slip and colored slip (I am using Pilcher’s Slip recipe is on ClayShare)
Containers for slip
Speedball underglazes in Black, White, Brown, Red, Pink or any color you want to use
Duncan Satin clear 05 Glaze or any low fire clear you want to use
Brushes, I am using a hake, fan and sumi brushes
Images of animals

Pilcher's White Slip Recipe
Ball Clay: 25
EPK: 25
Flint: 25
Cornwall Stone: 12.5
Neph Sy: 12.5
Total: 100

Zircopax: 5
Frit 3124: 5

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Rabbit Sculpture