Thrown Petal Mug

Thrown Petal Mug

Learn how to make this fabulous wheel-thrown mug with petals in this fun and easy-to-follow class. You won't believe how easy it is to create gorgeous sculpted elements on your thrown or hand-built pottery.

The techniques you'll learn can be adapted to work with any form. So, you can make petal cups, bowls, vases, or plates. You can put petals on anything you can think of!

This class is suited for all levels though beginners may find it a bit challenging. Don't let that hold you back, give it a try and I know you'll love making petal mugs.

Tools and Materials
Pottery Wheel
2.5 lbs of Clay
Wooden Clay Knife
Dolan Clay Knife
Color Shaper
Cutting Wire
Needle Tool
Serrated Rib
Dolan Trimming Tool
Bucket for Water
Studio Pro Bat System
1" Flower Cookie Cutter
1/2" Dowel

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Thrown Petal Mug